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Lost all my Bookmarks... sucks

Feb. 10th, 2012

also I have duck eggs

Feb. 10th, 2012

I am considering focusing the next couple years creative energy in the direction of a solo art showing. I want a theme to work towards. Suggestions? Announcement of the theme chosen would be withheld until I actually announce the show itself.


Lowest pain level in weeks is allowing for some task catch up. Took care of switching my work keys over to the new system and hit the pharmacy before coming home. Now dishes, laundry, and tidying worked on. Shortly cleaning my purse and work bag. I might sort socks also.
How I define friends as opposed to acquaintances has little to do with how long or even how well I know someone. Those I consider friends are people I respect, who's presence I enjoy, who have something about them I want to some day see in myself. Unlike what is so common in society, I will not surround myself with "friends" who make me feel superior because I can look down on them. I surround myself with friends who make be a better person for having them in my life.

Dec. 13th, 2011

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Gah, I feel like I'm draped in lead lined garments, trying to finish Christmas cards and presents. Lacking in ideas and money. I apologize in advance.


Today is my nephew's birthday. I do not seem to have a current phone number for my sister and her children. I cannot help but wonder how different things would be if I could have taken a more active role in their lives.

My little sister

On a completely different note: After a recent interaction I had a realization that brought some comfort. I have mourned the children I cannot have and the situation that prevents adoption. I should instead revel in the experience I have already enjoyed in helping raise a child. She was not my child, I did not pay her bills and I was too young to handle diaper changes (that part I'm happy for). I made her formula and held her bottle, washed her clothes and told bedtime stories. I'm the one she usually woke when sick, scared or thirsty for a bedtime glass of water. I walked her home from the bus and made her afternoon snack and often dinner as well. I resented it at the time. Probably always will in some little ways. But I am proud to have had a hand in raising such a wonderful young woman.
Just realized something: when setting up my medications for the week I start with the largest (Fish oil and multivitamin) and work my way down to the smaller ones. This is how I was taught to pack a suitcase or the car. I really don't need to do this with my pills, there is plenty of space, but apparently I do it that way anyway.



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